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Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean sits alongside one of the common migratory routes taken by the gigantic whales. This makes Sri Lanka a perfect location for whale watching. British marine biologist Charles Anderson had expounded this theory that whales migrate to the great Arabian sea through the sea routes that run across the Bay of Bengal and the Coastal lines of Sri Lanka and ever since then Sri Lanka has become hugely popular as a whale watching location. In particular many tourists prefer to set sail for whale watching from Mirissa as the waters that lie off the Mirissa coast harbours the perfect temperatures and the marine environment for these underwater giants.

Since the continental shelf on which Sri Lanka rests is the narrowest in the coast off Mirissa it is ideal for whale watching and you do not even have to travel far from the Mirissa coast for whale sightings. After going about 6 or 7 kms away from the coastal line it is easier to watch these marine giants gliding in the aquatic waters. The best time period to watch whales in Mirissa is from December to April because sightings are more regular during this time period.

Mirissa Whale Watching

The biggest mammal currently living on planet earth could be witnessed in the waters off Mirissa.  Usually you would think the closest you would ever get to a blue whale will be at a museum of natural history but whale watching in Mirissa will offer you an experience of a lifetime.  Being a few feet away from the shy blue whales will be mind blowing as these mammals are rarely sighted in other parts of the world. Occasionally pluming a spray of sea water you would see these giant marine mammals casually gliding about in the waters off Mirissa. Apart from blue whales, whales watching in Mirissa will enable you to witness some of the other large species of whales such as the killer whale, bryde’s whale, sperm whale and   the pilot whale. 

There are several private tour companies that organise whale watching excursions in Mirissa and certain hotels in the area as well as the Sri Lanka Navy also arrange whale watching tours. The tours are conducted according to the prescribed marine mammal protection regulations so its eco friendly and whale friendly.  During these tours you would not only witness whales but also the mischievous dolphins, whale sharks and green back turtles.  It would indeed be an unforgettable experience to go whale watching in Mirissa to witness the gentle giants that roam the cerulean waters so don’t miss such an opportunity!


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Mirissa Whale Watching

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

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