Udawalawe National Park



The Udawalawe National Park is well known for the elephants that roam within the forest. There are about 500 elephants travelling in big herds and elephant sighting has become one of the major events that visitors look forward to when they arrive at the national park.

Udawalawa National Park

The national park lies towards the Southern portion of the island and it takes about four to five hours to reach Udawalawa from Colombo. The grounds are ideal environments for elephants because quite contrast to the lush greenery in most parts of the island. Udawalawe National Park is a dry grassland with shrubs and tall grass being placed in the border of the dry and wet zones of the country. Due to this factor it is capable of sustaining large herds of elephants in these dry lands and it which guarantees every visitor the sight of elephants in their natural habitat.

Sprawling over 31,000 hectares, the national park is said to be the most expensive to maintain but for more than four decades now the Udawalawe national park has prolifically attracted tourists mainly due to the herds of elephants.

Udawalawa National Park

Glorious Udawalawe is home to many species apart from elephants. The grumpy water buffaloes, the ferocious leopards and the timid spotted deer are some of the memorable sightings you will have of animals while visiting the national park.  It is also known as a good bird watching site. If you are lucky you might even see a colourful dance of a proud peacock or other bird species such as herons, Sri Lankan jungle fowl, pelicans, eagles and parrots.  Due to the reservoir that has been built near the Park the arrival of many migratory birds such as cormorants, the spot-billed pelican, Asian openbill, painted stork, black-headed ibis and Eurasian spoonbill, has turned the park into a bird’s paradise. The reservoir has also transformed the Udawalawe National Park into a safe haven and an ideal sanctuary for many species of water birds. Udawalawe National Park is home to several endemic floral species as well.

 It is ideal if you can visit the Park around 6 am as it would give you an exclusive peek into the national park before all the Safari Jeeps and crowds arrive at the park. The ride would be much peaceful and you will be able observe the animals specially the elephants in a more relaxed environment. There are several bungalows managed by the Wildlife department where you can find accommodation while visiting Udawalwe national park. There are also three main campsites providing ideal grounds for those who wish for a more exciting adventurous experience. The campers are allowed to camp at these points and serenity with the Walawe River flowing by and the bewitching wildlife will sure make up an unforgettable holiday experience.

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Udawalawe National Park

7th Mile Post,Sevanagala,Monaragala,Uva Province, Sri Lanka

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